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Tired of scrambling at the cash register? Ready to simplify your life? UGO Wallet is the free1 app that gives your physical wallet a new, slimmer, leaner physique. Move your loyalty, gift, membership, and other cards to your smartphone so you can get reward points and use gift and membership cards. Pull up your card in your UGO Wallet, present it to the cashier and you're ready to go! UGO Wallet also lets you take a picture of your receipts, then store and organize them so they'll be easy to find if you need them.

You can also use UGO Wallet to send money to friends and family in real time with UGO Pay. Just load money from your Visa* debit or credit card into your UGO Pay account, then send it to someone via text message. You'll be able to track when the recipient accepts the money is accepted into his/her UGO Wallet.

You can also make payments on any Android smartphone (4.4+), using participating TD Credit Cards by tapping your phone wherever Visa payWave* is available.

Get reward points right on your phone.

Add loyalty, gift and other cards by simply scanning the barcode using your phone's camera.

On some smartphones, pay by tapping your phone.

With any Android smartphone (4.4+), you can add these participating TD Credit Cards to UGO Wallet:

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UGO Wallet is provided by UGO Mobile Solutions L.P. You can use UGO Wallet to make a payment at any merchant who supports contactless payments. You can also use UGO Wallet to get or redeem reward points and gift card balances wherever the merchant has the appropriate technology at point-of-sale.

1UGO Wallet is free to download; however, standard wireless carrier messages and data rates may apply.

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