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TD Framework

The title of this year’s Annual Report, Enriching the lives of our customers, communities and colleagues, speaks to the purpose that underpins what we do each and every day. It is part of the new TD Framework, which guides our behaviour, shapes our culture and drives our performance.

Our Framework is described in a simple and straightforward way, so everyone has a clear understanding of how we will grow our business and people, be the brand of choice for customers and clients, and make life better in the community. It is captured in the graphic below, which expresses our mission, purpose and set of shared commitments. The TD Tree represents growth and development, strength and wisdom, and an organization with deep roots. It also reflects our ongoing focus on our environment.

Simply, it’s about what we set out to achieve every day, and how we will do it. The TD Framework is inspiring, yet easy to incorporate into the work we do. Most important, it has no borders – the Framework applies to everyone at TD, no matter their business, level or location. The shared commitments are the behaviours that differentiate us and help guide the way we run our business, develop as leaders, and support our colleagues. We will use these commitments throughout the Bank to help set objectives, evaluate performance, reward and recognize our colleagues and build the skills and capabilities we need to continue succeeding as an organization.

Our vision
Be the better bank


TD Framework

Our purpose
To enrich the lives of our customers, communities and colleagues

Our shared commitments


Think like a customer; provide legendary experiences and trusted advice

Act like an owner; lead with integrity to drive business results and contribute to communities

Execute with speed and impact; only take risks we can understand and manage

Innovate with purpose; simplify the way we work

Develop our colleagues; embrace diversity and respect one another