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TD MAP ETFs – Now available in F-Series!

TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) has launched an F-Series of the TD Managed Asset Program (MAP) Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolios (the Portfolios) and is further diversifying the portfolios by adding recently launched TD ETFs. The new ETFs leverage the strength of TDAM's portfolio management capabilities across teams to bring our unique strategies to the market. By adding these new ETFs to a portfolio of low-cost broad market index ETFs, investors gain access to some of TDAM's innovative new ETF strategies.

We're making another splash with the TD Fixed Income Pool - A Series

A solution that helps diversify your portfolio.
At a glance 
  • Now available in Advisor Series, the TD Fixed Income Pool (the 'Fund') is designed to gain income through interest by primarily making investments in or gaining exposure to Canadian fixed income investments. To help further enhance income and diversification the fund can tactically shift allocations between currency markets and geographies
  • The Fund takes advantage of the expertise of multiple investment management teams at TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM)
  • To help minimize risk, deliver stable long-term performance and adapt to current and expected market conditions, the Fund can tactically adjust its credit and interest rate exposures

Why invest?

TD Fixed Income Pool provides investors with access to:

  • A suite of TDAM fixed income investment strategies in one solution with a competitive management fee
  • The diverse fixed income market; the Fund is comprised of actively managed TD Mutual Funds covering a variety of risk profiles, sectors, maturities and geographies and all benefitting from TDAM's independent credit research
  • A solution that is tactically managed by our Asset allocation team

Who should invest?

The Fund is suitable for medium to long term investors who are:

  • Contributing to the fixed income portion of a diversified portfolio
  • Can handle small changes in the value of their investment
For more information, take a look at the Diversifying with Fixed Income sales tool. It's a brief snapshot of the fixed income market that includes information on the fixed income solutions available at TDAM.

Three globally-focused ETFs:
You expect innovative global solutions. We deliver.

TD Asset Management (TDAM) uses its proven asset management expertise to create a new range of globally focused and innovative ETFs that help take advantage of global opportunities.

TEC - TD Global Technology Leaders Index ETF

With this single ETF solution investors can take advantage of growth opportunities from established and emerging global technology leaders. It provides access to a global universe of large-cap and mid-cap technology stocks that includes many household names.

Read: Invest in Technology Leaders and Emerging Technology - in a Single Solution (pdf)

"Some competitor solutions can either be too broad because they replicate an index that has a lot of non-tech investments or are too narrow in focus because they only invest in a single emerging theme, which may expose investors to substantial risk. TEC offers core technology exposure while adding exposure to a variety of emerging tech themes." – Vitali Mossounov, Vice President. TDAM

TILV - TD Systematic International Equity Low Volatility ETF

This adaptive solution provides investors access to a diversified portfolio of international equities designed specifically for Canadian investors. Managed by one of the industry's largest managers of low volatility strategies, this ETF is constantly being refined for enhancements to help deliver long-term capital growth while reducing volatility.

"With TILV investors gain access to TDAM's sophisticated Low Volatility model which takes a holistic view of risk to deliver a diversified, low volatility, international equity portfolio."- Julien Palardy, Vice President & Director, TDAM

TGED - TD Active Global Enhanced Dividend ETF

An innovative ETF solution that takes advantage of global income opportunities while providing capital growth potential. The ETF offers a diversified portfolio with exposure to both developed and emerging markets while providing cash flow.

"Income is a priority for many investors, however, too often individuals focus solely on maximizing an investment's yield potential. This can lead to a less than ideal outcome as the price of an investment can fall more than its yield. The TD Active Global Enhanced Dividend ETF can offer a source of stable income and long-term capital growth by focusing on total returns (price performance + yield)." - Benjamin Gossack, Vice President & Director, TDAM

Learn more about ETFs and the benefits they're designed to deliver.

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Introducing the TD Fixed Income Pool in F-Series

TDAM (TD Asset Management Inc.) is pleased to introduce the TD Fixed Income Pool in F-Series, a low-cost solution that can dynamically shift allocations in fixed income and currency markets and provide broad exposure to domestic, global (including emerging markets), corporate, government, investment grade and high yield debt instruments.
The Fund Manager seeks to provide access to:
  • A broad suite of TDAM Fixed Income investment strategies in one simple solution
  • A strategy where the underlying assets are selected across risk profiles, sectors, maturities and geographies; providing investors with diversified fixed income exposure
  • The Fund leverages the expertise of TDAM's entire institutional portfolio management team and in-house, independent credit research analysts
Additional Resources:
  • Key Information you should know about the TD Fixed Income Pool F-Series

TD Active Preferred Share ETF

This TD Active Preferred Share ETF's fundamental investment objective is to earn a high level of income by investing primarily in Canadian listed preferred shares and the fund seeks to add value and reduce risk by investing in other income producing securities.
Preferred share investments will be concentrated in companies in the following sectors:
  • Financial services
  • Utility 
  • Energy

TD Select Short Term Corporate Bond Ladder ETF

The TD Select Short Term Corporate Bond Ladder ETF seeks to:
  • Earn a high rate of interest while preserving capital through exposure to the performance of a diversified portfolio of primarily Canadian corporate bonds, divided ("laddered") into five groupings with staggered maturities from approximately one to five years. 
  • May also seek added value from non-Canadian and/or non-investment-grade debt instruments to enhance total return.

TD Select U.S. Short Term Corporate Bond Ladder ETF

TD Select U.S. Short Term Corporate Bond Ladder ETF seeks to:
  • Earn a high rate of interest while preserving capital through exposure to the performance of a diversified portfolio of U.S. corporate bonds, divided ("laddered") into five groupings with staggered maturities from approximately one to five years. 
  • May also seek added value from non-investment-grade debt instruments to enhance total return.

Introducing the new TD Global Equity Focused Fund:
Your gateway to world markets

The new TD Global Equity Focused Fund strives to capitalize on investment opportunities from 
equity markets around the world to deliver above-average risk-adjusted returns.
The Fund Manager seeks to provide access to:
  • High quality global companies that, in the manager's view, have excellent business models, underestimated cash flow generation and solid growth potential
  • A concentrated portfolio of fundamentally researched securities that seeks to deliver long-term capital appreciation and income growth
  • A Fund that strives to optimize diversification by industry, country and cash flow type, while utilizing options and defensive currency hedging strategies when appropriate
Additional Resources:
  • Key information you should know about the TD Global Equity Focused Fund.
  • Global equity investment themes and opportunities outside of Canadian equity markets are discussed, including those of developed and emerging markets.
  • While pockets of opportunity exist, headwinds remain for Canadian equities.
  • This video series gives you access to TDAM’s knowledgeable and experienced investment professionals, and provides an opportunity to hear their views first-hand on markets, portfolio management and other large-scale trends.
  • A TDAM article that discusses the benefits of diversifying the equity component of an investment portfolio to include global investments.
  • Your guide to TDAM's line-up of global investment solutions. 

More choices for your portfolio

On or about August 16, 2018, TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) will continue to expand its product offering, providing investors with a broader range of portfolio diversification choices and helping to strengthen TDAM's existing line-up of investment solutions.

Fee-based cash flow series extension 
  • TDAM is launching new FT5 Series extensions to provide two payout rate options (5% and 8%) on select existing fee-based cash flow series.

Fee-based USD series extension
  • TDAM is adding 14 U.S. dollar purchase options on certain F-Series of existing TD Mutual Funds. These new USD purchase options will provide investors with a broader spectrum of investment options for their U.S. dollar portfolios.

TD Comfort Portfolios fee-based series extension
  • TDAM is launching F-Series versions of the TD Comfort Portfolios to allow for in-kind transfers of Investor Series TD Comfort Portfolios to a fee-based platform without triggering capital gains for clients.
As always, TDAM is committed to providing you with more investment choices to better meet the evolving needs of your clients.

TD Global Income Fund

This fund may be suitable for investors seeking higher yield opportunities available in the global fixed income market. It is designed to earn income while offering global diversification and can be a core holding or a good complement to Canadian-focused fixed income portfolio.

  • Global diversification to seek opportunities and help reduce risk
  • Use of derivatives to help manage currency and interest rate risk
  • Can complement domestic core fixed income holdings for investors seeking stable income
Additional Resources:

TD Global Unconstrained Bond Fund

This global bond solution may be suitable for investors who are seeking to maximize total return within the fixed income portion of an investment portfolio.

  • Flexible mandate without benchmark constraints to seek total return
  • Active management of currency and interest rate exposure to both seek opportunity and reduce risk
  • Can add diversification to core domestic fixed income holdings for investors seeking to maximize total return
Additional Resources:

TD Global Core Plus Bond Fund (previously TD Global Bond Fund)

The TD Global Core Plus Bond Fund is a global solution that provides access to an active fixed income strategy, designed to exploit the opportunities that exist within the fixed income universe. This fund may be suitable as a core bond holding within an investment portfolio. On November 21, 2017, TDAM offered additional purchase options of the fund, with target distribution rates of 5%.

  • Diversified exposure to global investment-grade corporate, government, high yield, and emerging market bonds
  • Active management of currency exposure
  • Now available in H-Series, T-Series, and S-Series
Additional Resources:

TD US Dividend Growth Fund

TD U.S. Dividend Growth Fund led by David Sykes will use the same dividend equity strategy utilized by the TD North American Dividend Fund and TD U.S. Monthly Income Fund. The Fund offers investors exposure to U.S. companies and will complement TDAM's existing suite of dividend solutions.

  • Seeks high-quality U.S. equities that have solid balance sheets and a sustainable competitive advantage
  • The Fund's reinvested dividends can add to returns and potentially provide a buffer when markets are volatile
  • Can serve as a core stand-alone U.S. dividend equity building block for portfolio construction

TD North American Small-Cap Equity Fund

The TD North American Small-Cap Equity Fund, led by Portfolio Manager, Jean Masson, offers investors access to small and medium-sized North American companies. Building on the success and popularity of Jean's low volatility and U.S. quantitative equity funds, he and his team will apply a similar quantitative strategy to the new Fund.

  • The Fund will strive to deliver the upside potential of small-cap stocks without taking on more risk than the broad market index
  • The Fund will analyze hundreds of small-cap companies and generally selects those with a history of growth, sustainable levels of leverage, and that are making efficient use of their capital
  • The Fund's quantitative approach helps to identify quality companies that are potentially undervalued by the market
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