Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP)

Help your employees save for the future

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  • A Group RSP is a collection of individual employee RSP accounts set up through an employer.
  • Employers arrange automatic payroll deductions for employees that want to contribute.
  • The employees own their account(s), choose how much to invest and what to invest in.
  • Requires no government filings, actuarial reports, or additional expertise.
  • No account set up, administration or trustee fees.
  • A highly flexible range of investment options are available to employees under a Group RSP or Spousal RSP.

How employers benefit

A Group RSP is an easy, affordable, and flexible way to attract and retain key employees because:

  • Service and support
    Our TD Future Builder representatives are committed to service and support excellence.
  • Enrolment management
    We have a dedicated call center to assist your employees with enrolment when they’re ready.
  • Dedicated administrative support
    Your company’s plan supervisor will know whom to call for assistance, advice and guidance.
  • Simplified distribution and incentives
    The program can be for employee contributions or built into a compensation/incentive plan.
  • Optional tax-deductibility
    Employer contributions are fully tax-deductible as a salary expense.
  • Optional restricted access
    The optional restriction for access requires employees get approval before withdrawing funds.

How employees benefit

The optional restriction for access requires employees get approval before withdrawing funds.
  • Immediate tax savings:
    When employees invest in a Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) through payroll deductions, they receive an immediate tax deferral.
  • Compounding & dollar-cost-averaging:
    The immediate tax advantage and purchasing investments in a more cost-effective way means more money has more time to compound.
  • Investment options:
    Several investment options are available to meet the needs of planning for retirement including TD Mutual Funds under the Group RSP. Read this important mutual fund information

Types of plans and account options

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With two simple accounts to choose from – a Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) account and a Spousal RSP account – TD Future Builder offers you the choice of three simple account options for your employees. Based on the options you select, employees can choose just one account or any combination of accounts.

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