How to register and add recipients for Visa Direct on EasyWeb

1. Register for Visa Direct

Select Global Transfers

From the Accounts screen, select the Global Transfers option from the left menu.

Select Visa Direct

Select the Visa Direct option on the left menu under Global Transfers.

Select Register now

From the Send Money screen, select the Register now button.

Agree to terms and conditions

Review the Visa Direct Terms and Conditions.

If you agree, select the I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions button.

Registration confirmation

You'll see a message confirming successful registration.

You can now add your first recipient.

Step 2: Enter recipient information

Enter name information

The person or business you're sending money to is called the 'recipient'.

Enter the recipient's first, middle (optional) and last name in the required fields.

Enter address information

Enter the recipient's address, city, province and country in the required fields.

Enter Visa card information

Enter the recipient's Visa card number in the required field and retype it again in the field below.

Select next

Select the Next button.

Step 3: Review and confirm

Review information and select Finish

Review your recipient's details to confirm that they're correct.

To make a change, select the Back button.

Select the Finish button to add the recipient.

New recipient added

You'll see a message confirming that your new recipient is added.

From here, you can send money or add another recipient.

Congratulations! You've completed this tutorial.

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