How to set up pre-authorized transfers between accounts on EasyWeb

Step 1: Find the Transfer Service option

Select Transfers

From the Accounts screen, select the Transfers option from the left menu.

Select Set Up Pre-Authorized Transfer Service

Select the Set Up Pre-Authorized Transfer Service option under Between My TD Accounts.

Step 2: Enter transfer information

Select From Account dropdown

Select the account you want to transfer funds from using the Select From Account dropdown menu.

Make sure you keep this account topped up with enough money to support your transfers.

If you have insufficient funds in this account on the date of the transfer, the transfer and subsequent transfers won't be processed. You'll need to set up the service again.

Select To Account dropdown

Select the account you want to transfer funds to using the Select To Account dropdown menu.

Set Frequency

Choose how often you want the transfer to occur from the Frequency dropdown menu.

You can set this transfer to happen every:

  • Week
  • 2 weeks
  • Month
  • Month-end
  • Mid-month and Month-end

If you've already set up a pre-authorized transfer, creating a new transfer with the same account and frequency details will cancel the previous pre-authorized transfer.

Enter Amount

Enter the amount of money (CAD) you want to transfer in the Amount field.

Set start and end dates

Select the date you want your recurring transfer to start in the Start Date section. This date will be preset to today and can be changed to a future date as needed.

If transfers will end on a set date, enter the end date in the optional End Date section.

If dates fall on a weekend or statutory holiday, funds will be deposited on the next business day. If you don't set an end date, you'll need to call us or visit your branch to modify or cancel the Pre-Authorized Transfer.

Enter email and select Next

If you want to receive notifications about this transfer, enter your email address in the optional Email field. If you have an email on file, it will automatically populate.

Adding or changing an email address here will only apply to this transaction and will not affect your banking profile.

Select the Next button.

Step 3: Review and finish

Review information and Finish

Review your transfer information and confirm that all details are correct.

To make a change, select the Back button.

Select the Finish button to complete your Preauthorized Transfer setup.

Note that pre-authorized transactions are subject to applicable service charges.

Confirmation message

A message will appear with a confirmation number for your records.

Congratulations! You've completed this tutorial.

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