A woman in a café paying for her purchase with a smartphone

Any EasyWeb customer with a supported Android 4.4+ smartphone, eligible TD Credit Card and the TD app can enjoy using TD Mobile Payment. The Android 4.4+ smartphone must be enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology (contactless) and have access to a cellular data network or a Wi-Fi connection occasionally.

  • Purchases1 can be made by holding your smartphone2 over the merchant point of sale terminal for a few seconds. Choose which eligible TD Credit Card to use for each purchase or set a default (Always On mode).
  • TD Mobile Payment uses advanced encryption technology and offers Passcode and Security Settings along with other features for additional protection.
  • Use it for small purchases1 at merchants like drugstores, coffee shops and restaurants who support contactless payments.
Download the TD app
Download the TD app.
Select TD Mobile Payment
Open the TD app and select TD Mobile Payment.
Add your TD Credit Card(s)
Follow the steps to add your eligible TD Credit Card(s) to TD Mobile Payment.
Start paying
Once your TD Credit Card is confirmed, you can start paying with your smartphone!

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