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A satisfied investor sitting in his office. The best trade

With sub-second trading and intelligent order routing, you'll get the best available executions each and every time you trade.

0.2 seconds 1 Avg. execution speed
99.9% of Orders executed in under 2 seconds.
All S&P/TSX and TSXV Composite
Listed Equities – Q1 2012.
Sub-second trading increases the likelihood of receiving the prices quoted.
Picture of a stopwatch.
Best quoted
99.9% 2
Order executions at the best quoted price
All Canadian Equity Executions - Q1 2012.
Intelligent order routing helps you get the best available price – on every trade.
Better than
quoted prices
+ $1.63 S&P 500 Listed Equities
+ $2.68 NASDAQ 100
Listed Equities
Avg. dollar improvement on a 1,000 share
order3 – Q1 2012.
Access to additional liquidity gives you the opportunity to receive better prices.

Investing Basics

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