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WebBroker Login page - Remember my Connect ID feature

How Do I:

Remember My Connect ID – Enable Connect ID shortcut

WebBroker provides an online feature that allows you to store Connect IDs for yourself and other users on your computer. Once you and the other users are set up, each user can select their personal Connect ID from the shortcut list – Select From List – to quickly log in to WebBroker.

To enable the Connect ID shortcut, please follow these instructions for each user:

The next time you log in, simply select your Connect ID from the Select from List, enter your web password and click the Login button. Remember, for security reasons, never use this feature on a public computer.

If other users on your computer have also enabled the Connect ID shortcut, then, when you want to log in to WebBroker, select your Connect ID from the Select from List drop down menu, enter your web password and click the Login button.

The Select from List and Connect ID fields will display the information for the last person who logged in to WebBroker.

Remember My Connect ID – Disable Connect ID shortcut

To disable this feature:

When you disable the feature for yourself, if there are more than 2 other users who are still enabling it, then you will see the Select from List feature is still displayed and that your Connect ID has been removed from the drop down menu.

Whenever you log in to WebBroker, simply enter your Connect ID and web password in the appropriate fields and press the Enter key or click Login.

All users may disable the Connect ID shortcut anytime.

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