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Allows you to enter your Mutual Fund orders.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you will not be able to change or cancel your order on-line once placed. If a change or cancel is required, please call TD Direct Investing.

Please note that Order Entry is not available for accounts at TD Wealth.


This is the cash balance in your account after all of your pending transactions (if any) have settled. Select Real-Time Balance (the balance including any transactions that have been completed today) or Previous Day’s Balance to toggle between the two balances.


This is the margin balance for the selected account. The margin will only be displayed for margin accounts. As the margin balance may not be accurate if you have any orders filled today, the margin will not be displayed if you select to view the Real-Time Balance.


Select an entry from the list provided to specify the account and account type in which you want orders to be placed.


Select an action from the drop-down box. Choose from:

- Place an order to buy a mutual fund.

Enter one of:

- Place an order to sell a mutual fund.

Enter one of:

- Place an order to switch between mutual funds.

Enter one of:

Enter the dollar amount of your order.

Enter the number of units you want to buy or sell.

Fund Symbol

Type the Mutual Fund symbol. If you are uncertain about the symbol, click on Symbol Lookup to select from a list of valid symbols.

From Fund Symbol (for switch orders only)

Enter the fund symbol of the mutual fund you are selling.

To Fund Symbol (for switch orders only)

Enter the fund symbol of the mutual fund you are buying. Note that you may only switch between funds that are within the same fund family.

Get Quote button

Retrieves a quote for the fund. The price will be based on the most recent Net Asset Value (NAV).

Symbol Lookup

Opens the Symbol Search feature.

Amount Includes Commissions

Records how commissions and/or load fees will be charged on your order. This field is not applicable to No Load Funds and Back Load Funds. For front load funds indicate "Yes", if the amount includes commission and "No" if the amount does not include commission.
Select Yes to have commission included in the gross dollar amount of your order. For no load and back load buys select "Yes". For front-load buy orders, select "Yes" if you want the amount entered to include commission (e.g. $10,000, less $150.00 commission. Leaves $9850.00 to invest in the fund).
Select No to have the dollar amount for your order sent net of commission to the fund company. (i.e. Commission will be added to the amount of your order). Select "No" if you want the amount entered to be fully invested into the fund, and the commission will be based on this amount(e.g. $10,000 invested in the fund, $152.50 commission, $10,152.50 total cost).
Note: The amounts above reflect sample calculations only. For further information on commission schedules click here.

Dividend Option

Records how you would like your earned distributions to be paid.
Select Re-invest to have distributions re-invested into more units of the same fund.
Select Cash to have distributions paid in cash to your account and not reinvested into more units of the fund.
Dividend option does not apply to Sell or Sell All orders.

Next Button

Click the "Next" button to continue.

Mutual Fund Switches

When requesting a mutual fund switch it is important to keep in mind the following rules:

Partial Switches

When requesting a partial switch from a fund denominated in Canadian dollars to one denominated in U.S. dollars, or vice versa, the amount being switched is in the currency of the fund that you are selling.

Provincially Restricted Mutual Funds

In some circumstances a particular mutual fund may not be offered for sale in your province of residence. Please ensure that for all buy orders the mutual fund is authorized for sale in the province of the trading account. Refer to Fund Facts for the mutual fund or contact TD Direct Investing for more information.

Business Rules

Please remember the following rules before placing an order, when placing an order, after placing an order, and foreign currency conversion

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