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TD contributes to the economy in many ways. Our most direct contribution comes through maintaining a strong business with solid earnings and profits. This allows us to pay our employees and suppliers, contribute taxes and revenues to government, and provide dividends to our shareholders.

For further details about our business strategy and financial performance, see TD’s 2009 Annual Report to Shareholders.

TD Bank Financial Group’s Economic Contribution
(millions of Canadian $, except where noted)
Net Income - adjusted4,1893,8134,716
Taxes paid in Canada (in thousands)1,643,755783,522858,775
Salaries and benefits4,6064,9845,839
Total shareholder return13.0%(17.1)%13.6%
Suppliers and premises (in billions)
Community contribution32.6 Can
8.2 U.S.
35.5 Can
11.5 U.S.
37 Can
3.9 U.S.