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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2008

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To view the online 2008 Annual Report, click here.

Complete Report
This online Report is a summary document. For a complete version of our 2008 Annual Report, download the pdf(s) listed below.

Complete Report (4,100 KB)
TD Bank Financial Group 2008 Snapshot (270 KB)
President and CEO's Message (133 KB)
Chairman of the Board's Message (138 KB)
Performance Indicators (79 KB)
Statement of Corporate Governance Practices (132 KB)
Management's Discussion and Analysis (1,370 KB)
Financial Results (3,579 KB)
Principal Subsidiaries (34 KB)
Ten-year Statistical Review (53 KB)
Glossary (82 KB)
Shareholder Information (152 KB)
Senior Officers (113 KB)

The above documents are available in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader.