Vibrant Planet

Our planet is our collective home, and we're committed to leaving it better than we found it. Hand in hand with our communities, we're working to protect and improve the environment so that people and economies can thrive. Read more about our commitment (PDF)

What we believe

  • Supporting a low-carbon economy

    We're supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy by targeting net-zero emissions by 2050 and $75 billion ($100 billion CAD) by 2030 to help clean economic growth.

  • Creating green spaces

    We're going green—literally—by activating and enhancing green spaces to strengthen communities.

Our beliefs in action

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of TD Tree Days

We couldn't have done it without our volunteers and local community organizations. Together they have been major contributors to the TD Ready Commitment's goal of planting one million trees across North America by 2030.

Planting the seeds of sustainability

The Community Grown program in Boston isn't just about growing food—it's about growing community. By restoring neighborhood gardens across the city, we’re helping give people a place to connect with nature and each other.

Getting lean and green in Miami

Miami's the perfect place to get your fitness on, especially outdoors. By partnering with the Trust for Public Land, we helped create five super-accessible outdoor fitness zones in public parks, while adding some environmentally-friendly bonuses like new trees, rain gardens and solar-powered lighting.

Walking the walk with green bonds

Green bonds are a great way to support companies and projects that are working toward a sustainable economy—something we've supported for the past decade. And now we're powering up for the decade ahead by dedicating $78 billion across North America to low-carbon lending, financing and other programs.

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