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Equity Solutions

Consistency of approach

We collaborate with independent equity research teams to develop a comprehensive perspective on risk and reward.

Disciplined risk management

Our large Risk Management Team is separated from investment functions which helps safeguard client assets.

Client-centric focus

The size of our operations creates efficiencies and those benefits are incorporated into client objectives.

Jean Masson, PhD

Managing Director

Leads the Quantitative Equity Team. Responsible for the modelling, research and management of various quantitative strategies, including low volatility equities.

Julien Palardy, CFA

Vice President & Director

Lead Portfolio Manager for the TDAM Low Volatility equity strategies. Head of the Quantitative Group Portfolio Management Team.

Jeff Tiefenbach, CFA

Managing Director

Lead Portfolio Manager for the TD Greystone International equity strategy. Oversees portfolio management for U.S. equity, International equity (including China Income & Growth) and Global equity.

Alfred Li, CFA, FRM

Vice President & Director

Lead Portfolio Manager for TD Greystone China Income & Growth strategy and Co-Lead Portfolio Manager for the TD Greystone International equity strategy.

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We have the expertise, tools and resources to build customized segregated solutions designed to meet specific Institutional client needs. We offer solutions across multiple regions including U.S., International, China and Emerging Markets.

Low Volatility Equities

We work to deliver the best available risk-adjusted returns across multiple solutions by combining the science of quantitative investment, the judgement of our broad portfolio management team, and the highest quality data.

Institutional literature

Why invest in low volatility equities?

  • We expect to deliver market-like returns with strong down-market outperformance
  • While many investors haven’t been rewarded for up to a third of their equity market risk, we aim to only take on risk that is compensated
  • The quantitative nature of our strategy allows us to offer it at a lower cost than traditional active investment management

TD Greystone Equities

Core: We seek out companies that have demonstrated superior earnings growth, positive business momentum and sustainable profitability while ensuring we do not overpay for these growth characteristics.

Income & Growth: Our strategy focuses on income. We seek mature companies with attractive dividend yields. A key distinction is that we emphasize predictable profitability and rising earnings to support the income stream, and often capital appreciation of higher stock prices.

Institutional literature

Key Features

  • Disciplined bottom-up investment process that generates alpha though security selection
  • Blending quantitative screening with qualitative analysis
  • Consistency in income and high-impact growth characteristics—including superior earnings growth, positive business momentum and sustainable profitability

TDAM & Epoch working together

Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. (Epoch) is a global asset management firm founded in 2004 to serve institutional clients. As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank and an affiliate of TD Asset Management, Epoch brings distinct perspectives and fund management expertise to the TDAM platform.
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