TDAM USA Inc. Statement on Compliance with the United States President's Executive Order 13959 "Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies"

TDAM USA Inc. is committed to compliance with economic sanctions laws and regulations in each of the jurisdictions [in which it operates]. TDAM USA Inc. is part of The Toronto-Dominion Bank's Global Sanctions program, which includes implementation of appropriate controls, for compliance with applicable sanctions laws. TDAM USA Inc. has implemented controls to abide by the United States President's Executive Order 13959 dated November 12, 2020 which prohibits U.S. persons (companies and individuals) from transacting in securities in certain Chinese companies found to be enabling the Chinese military.

Historical Mutual Fund Information

Form N-PX: Proxy Voting Record

TDAM Individual Investor Year-End Funds (All Classes) 10.31.18

TDAM Institutional Investor Year-End Funds (All Classes) 01.21.18

Form N-CR: Money Market Fund Materials Events Record

The Fund was required to disclose additional information about this event on Form N-CR and to file this form with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Any Form N-CR filing submitted by the Fund is available on the EDGAR Database on the Securities and Exchange Commission's Internet site at

TD California Municipal Money Market Portfolio N-CR 11.19.18

TD US Government Portfolio N-CR 11.19.18

TD New York Municipal Money Market Portfolio N-CR 11.19.18

TD Institutional Treasury Obligations Money Market Fund N-CR 11.19.18

TD Institutional US Government Fund N-CR 11.19.18

Tax Information

Mutual Fund information for 2018-2019 has been provided below. Please contact us if you require prior year tax information.

Important Tax Information for 2019

Important Tax Information for 2018

Important Tax Information (Equity) for 2018

Final Income Distribution for Funds Liquidated November 2018

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