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A Message From Our President and CEO

Involved with our Shareholders
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This year was a particularly significant one in the history of TD Bank Financial Group (“TD”). We celebrated 150 years of meeting the needs of our customers and contributing to the communities in which we work and live.

Our mission is to be a better bank, and we believe the measure of our progress is not just our financial achievements; it’s whether or not our employees are proud to work for us, our customers are satisfied with the service we provide and the communities in which we work value us as a good neighbour and a positive contributor to their development and well-being.

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Download the full Involved for Generations section (PDF)

Strengthening relationships for generations

“This Corporate Responsibility Report accounts for our activities and performance in 2005 in support of all our stakeholders – employees, customers, communities and shareholders – who have helped us to be successful over the last 150 years.”

Ed Clark
President and Chief Executive Officer