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To All Canadians

Corporate Responsibility Report

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At TDBFG, we recognize that we’re a fundamental part of Canada’s economic landscape. As a business, we’re both a supplier and a purchaser of products and services, directly contributing to economic activity. As a financial services provider, our role goes deeper. We contribute to community development, job creation, and the well-being of society overall through the loans and investments we make.

Beyond these activities, our position allows us to impart economic benefits to Canadians in other ways and, in turn, demonstrate our commitment to the future of this country. For us that means teaming up with community leaders to address issues like urban sustainability and contributing to public discussions on crucial challenges such as affordable housing. It means reaching out to communities that have sustained economic hardship as a result of natural disasters and other crises. And it means sharing our financial acumen with Canadians to help build informed communities.

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