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To Our Customers

Corporate Responsibility Report

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With more than 13 million customers around the world, TDBFG must satisfy highly diverse financial needs, including personal, commercial, and wealth management services for individuals and capital markets expertise for corporate and institutional clients. Across the organization, it is our priority to pay serious attention to what counts to all of our customers and to provide a comfortable service experience.

To do so, we develop innovative products and services, complemented by straightforward information and advice, to deliver the right financial solutions. We continually improve the ways that customers can access our services, while ensuring the highest level of safeguards are in place
to protect their interests. We also focus on providing warm, personalized service, based on fundamental standards of integrity, respect, and professionalism. Finally, we measure our success at achieving customer satisfaction so we can seek constant improvement.

All of our efforts in 2003 were designed to give our customers confidence that they can build successful and secure futures for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

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