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To Our Environment

Corporate Responsibility Report

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Environmental sustainability is one of the most serious matters we face today, and taking care of the environment is a fundamental activity that benefits all TDBFG stakeholders. Through the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (FEF), we try to make a difference by sponsoring and promoting community-based projects, research, and education in support of our environment.

We also try to make our commitment to the environment an integral part of how we operate. For a number of years, we have incorporated environmental considerations into our business activities, from energy conservation methods to materials recycling and reduction activities, despite the difficult task of making the right, informed choices and balancing priorities. While there is still much to do, we know this is the right direction to take because it matters greatly to TDBFG and our stakeholders. Customers, for example, tell us so in survey after survey – and more than 165,000 customers donated to FEF in 2003, demonstrating they feel strongly about preserving our environment for future generations.

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