Corporate Responsibility

TD’s living roof

Taking Responsibility to be the Better Bank

TD is working to make a lasting difference in the communities where we live and work.

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TD’s responsibility progress

Building our Relationships

TD has a long history of working with Aboriginal peoples, organizations and communities.

TD and Aboriginal Communities in Canada

Diversity and inclusion at TD

Diverse and Inclusive

At TD – Diversity is not an initiative, a program or a special project. It's the way we approach all aspects of our business.

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Environmental focus at TD

Protecting Forested Habitats

Caring for our forests and using paper responsibly is what TD Forests is all about.

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Our Priorities

TD’s approach to Corporate Responsibility is built on four key themes:

Customer focus at TD

When it comes to our branches and stores, TD’s primary goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and convenience.




TD’s extraordinary workplace

Engaged. Included. That’s how we want TD employees to feel about working here.

Environmental leader

A healthy economy depends upon a healthy environment. We’re working to make TD as green as our logo.

Investing in our communities

We want to see communities thrive. TD supports over 6,000 community organizations to help make a lasting impact.


Feature Articles

Taking the Fear Out of Finance

In our complex economy, making good decisions about money is an essential skill. Read what TD is doing.

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TD Forests: Embedding the Environment in Our Business

We’re protecting over two football fields a day of forested habitats. Learn more.

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Building Diversity Into TD’s Cultural DNA

In this environment, diversity isn’t simply a good thing; for TD it’s a business imperative.

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