Ways to pay

Bank conveniently and confidently almost anywhere with online and mobile banking.

Get the most out of your TD Access Card

The TD Access Card is a debit card that gives you the convenience you want and the security you need using money directly from your TD Canada Trust bank account.

Use your TD Access Card to:

  • Tap for purchases like coffee, groceries or gas, up to $2504 with Interac Flash®
  • Shop securely in-store, online and internationally1
  • Make in-app purchases and pay recurring bills
  • Tap to pay at participating public transit agencies in Canada
  • Access your cash at more than 2.2 million ATMs around the world, where Visa is accepted1

Don’t have a TD Chequing Account yet?

Whether you have extensive or simple banking needs or you're new to Canada, all our Chequing Accounts are designed to offer a unique combination of benefits and options to meet your needs.

Fraud protection at your fingertips

Your payments are safe and secure when using your TD Access Card.

  • Don’t recognize a transaction on your TD Access Card and need to dispute it? We can help guide you through the dispute process.

  • We will instantly2 send you text messages notifying you if we detect suspicious activity made with your TD Access Card for your personal banking accounts.

  • Visa Zero Liability*

    You won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card so you can shop with confidence.3

  • Interac® Zero Liability

    You won't be held responsible for unauthorized Interac Flash® transactions should your TD Access Card become compromised.

Secure your TD Access Card with lock & unlock features

Instantly lock your TD Access Card while maintaining pre-authorized payments, bill payments and transfers.

Explore the benefits that come with Visa Debit*

Use your TD Access Card with Visa Debit to shop securely online and internationally wherever Visa is accepted1. Pay and subscribe to your streaming services, order food online or through in-app, pay for your recurring bills like your internet or phone and more so you can enjoy more ways to pay.

More ways to pay using your TD Access Card

  • Shop securely online

    The Visa Debit feature of your TD Access Card allows you to shop securely online on thousands of Canadian and international websites, using money directly from your TD Canada Trust bank account.

  • Shop in-store worldwide

    Visa Debit is accepted in over 200 countries outside of Canada and gives you the ability to use your TD Access Card to withdraw cash at more than 2.2 million ATMs while you travel, wherever Visa is accepted1.

  • Tap to pay in-store with Interac Flash®

    Your TD Access Card is equipped with Interac Flash® so you can tap to pay up to $250 at participating retailers4. Simply hold it up to the terminal using your card or mobile wallet such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

    See Interac Flash® spend limits

  • Pay for public transit fare

    Make contactless payments using your physical TD Access Card or mobile wallet over the transit fare reader to pay for your fare at participating transit fare devices in Canada.

Payments made easy with Visa Debit

Enjoy the simplicity of Visa Debit for online and international purchases. Ideal for online, in-app, recurring payments and subscriptions.

  1. Select your card

    Select 'Visa Debit' or 'Visa' as the payment option at checkout, where Visa is accepted1

  2. Enter your details

    Enter your TD Access Card number, expiry date and 3 digit CVV code found at the back of your card

  3. Save your details

    Store your card with your favourite retailers or mobile apps for faster checkout

Use Visa Debit for US & International Purchases & Cash Withdrawals

  • Pay with Visa Debit when you shop worldwide, where Visa is accepted1
  • If prompted to select "Debit" or "Credit", select "Debit"
  • Select retailers may require you to enter your PIN or sign a receipt
  • Withdraw cash at worldwide ATMs displaying the Visa acceptance mark

Frequently Asked Questions

TD Access Card Service Fees

Learn more about potential service fees when using your TD Access Card for cash withdrawals at non-TD ATMs outside of Canada or purchases in a foreign currency.

Foreign currency debit card purchases outside Canada using a TD Access Card with a Visa Debit logo

  • Foreign Exchange Fee
    3.5% of the Canadian dollar amount after conversion of the foreign currency amount at the rate set by Visa International.

Foreign currency debit purchase outside Canada using a TD Access Card that does not have a Visa Debit logo (NYCE)

  • Foreign Exchange Fee
    0.035 is added to the exchange rate set by Interac®.

  • Transaction Fee
    $3 in the United States or Mexico.
    $5 in any country outside of Canada, the United States or Mexico.
    No service fees at TD Bank, AMCB ATMs.
    No service fees if you have a TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan or TD Wealth Private Banking Account.
  • Foreign Exchange Fee
    The transaction amount, including any ATM provider fees incurred by the client, will be converted to Canadian dollars based on the exchange rate set by Visa International* in effect on the date the transaction is posted to your account and will include a fee equal to 3.5% of the converted amount.

Security Features

Secure access to your TD bank accounts means no one can access your accounts without your unique TD Access Card number and PIN number, your EasyLine PhoneCode or EasyWeb password.

TD Access Cards have an embedded microchip that stores information in a secure, encrypted format. This prevents unauthorized users from copying or accessing the information on your card when using chip-enabled terminals or ATMs.

Your TD Access Card comes with a pre-assigned and confidential four-digit PIN for debit and ATM transactions. We recommend that you change this to a PIN of your choice that is at least four digits long.

  • Change your PIN at any time
    You can change your PIN at your TD branch. After verifying your identity, the branch will help you select a new PIN. If you forget your PIN, you must visit a branch to receive a new one. You can also change your PIN at any TD ATM location.
  • Always protect your PIN
    Remember never to tell anyone your PIN and never keep a record of your PIN near your TD Access Card. It is best practice to avoid choosing a PIN that might be easily guessed (such as your birthday, phone number or address). When entering your PIN, take precautions to keep it from the view of others.

If you plan to use your TD Access Card at ATMs internationally (using the Visa PLUS network), select a PIN that is 4 digits long and ensure that the TD Canada Trust accounts you wish to access are connected to the Chequing button. Find a PLUS ATM at your next destination.

It's easy to reset your Personal Identification Number (PIN):

At any TD Bank Green Machine ATM

Just insert your card and choose the Change PIN option from the Welcome screen menu and follow the steps. If you have a customized Welcome screen, select More Transactions.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you'll need to visit your branch.

At any TD Canada Trust branch

You can visit your branch and receive assistance at the Customer Service desk to change your PIN if needed.

  • Visa Secure*: Visa Secure is a free joint effort between the Visa issuing banks, Visa Canada and participating retailers to provide you with increased security and convenience when you shop online. Visa offers comprehensive fraud protection, but Visa Secure goes even a step further, adding an extra layer of security when you enter your TD Access card information online. You are automatically protected – and no additional sign-up or password is required. This program is offered to Visa cardholders at no additional cost and exists to help protect you against fraudulent transactions. All you need to do is shop as you always do online; Visa Secure operates invisibly in the background.
  • Visa Zero Liability*: Visa Zero Liability applies to all online and international transactions. Should your TD Access Card become compromised, you will not be held liable as long as you have met your obligations as outlined in the Access Agreement. You are automatically protected – and no additional sign-up is required.
  • Interac® Zero Liability: Interac® Zero Liability applies to transactions completed using Interac Flash®. Should your TD Access Card become compromised, you will not be held liable for unauthorized Interac Flash® transactions as long as you have met your obligations as outlined in the Access Agreement.
  • Interac Flash® spend limits: For your protection, a PIN is required for single purchases above $250 or $500 in multiple consecutive Interac Flash® purchases4.

Visit the TD Stories Fraud Prevention Hub for additional advice & resources.

If your TD Access Card is lost or stolen, call 1-866-222-3456 or go to your nearest TD Canada Trust branch immediately to obtain a replacement card.

Note: The use of your TD Access Card is governed by the terms of the Financial Services Terms and Access Agreement.
Please be sure to check your TD Canada Trust bank account on a regular basis to verify that you made the TD Access Card transactions that are shown. This can be done through statements you receive by mail or on EasyWeb.

If your card is lost or stolen, TD Access Cards maintain the highest standards in security and protection to provide you with the convenience and peace of mind you deserve. If Interac Flash® is enabled on your TD Access Card, it may be used for a single transaction up to $250 or multiple consecutive transactions up to $500 without PIN. TD offers great features and services such as the following which are included with your Access Card:

  • Visa® Zero Liability
  • Interac® Zero Liability
  • TD Fraud Alerts

Additional Security Features available (on the TD app)

  • Lock Card – Turn on this feature to stop certain transactions when you've temporarily misplaced your personal TD Access Card

To learn more and to start using this free feature today, simply login to the TD app, select Manage Access Cards under the slide-out menu, and then select Lock Card to lock the card of your choice.

You can always view your TD Access Card transaction limits and Interac e-Transfer® sending limits in a few simple steps, using the TD app:

  1. Login to the TD app.
  2. Select the main menu from the top left corner and select Banking Services.
  3. Select Transaction Limits.

You can also access the Transaction Limits page from the Summary tab of your Chequing account page in the app.

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