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Survey finds Canadians are dedicated to being green

Some Canadians are willing to go to extraordinary lengths in their commitment to environmental-friendliness. In fact, the first TD Friends of the Environment Foundation ‘How Green Are You?’ Survey revealed that 2% of Canadians even ended a relationship with someone who didn’t care about the environment.

While most won’t go to those extremes, when it comes to being environmentally responsible 96% of Canadians give themselves a passing grade. In fact, when asked to grade their environmental-friendliness, 25% gave themselves an “A” and nearly 60% gave themselves a “B.” Only 2% gave themselves an “F” and said that they did not really care about the environment.

“Our survey was designed to identify how many Canadians ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to being environmentally-friendly,” says Matthew Fortier, Regional Manager, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. “The results overwhelmingly demonstrate that Canadians are dedicated to making green choices as part of their daily lives.”

The survey also found:

  • 94% of Canadians report that they recycle - 43% recycle everything and 51% recycle when convenient
  • 82% of Canadians say they use reduced-energy light bulbs in their homes
  • Close to one-third say that they regularly walk or bike to work or school
  • 64% report using energy-efficient appliances in their homes
  • One-half of respondents say they unplug appliances, like the toaster, when not in use
  • 21% take public transportation regularly

“One way that Canadians can take their personal ‘green’ commitment to the next level is to donate or volunteer with an environmental organization such as the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation,” says Fortier. “The survey showed that while 43% go out of their way to buy local grown products, only 20% of Canadians donate to an environmental charity and just 12% volunteer for environmental causes.”

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