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How environmentally-friendly are you?

Is it up to you to help change the world, or do you think it is someone else’s responsibility to take care of the environment? TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) asked 1,000 Canadians to grade their level of environmental- friendliness. See how you stack up against your fellow Canadians. Give yourself a grade below:

  • I would give myself an A: I am definitely more environmentally-friendly than the average Canadian
  • I would give myself a B: I would rank about average in terms of environmental-friendliness
  • I would give myself a C: I am not environmentally-friendly, but I am trying to improve
  • I would give myself an F: I don’t really care about the environment

Here’s what 1,000 Canadians from coast to coast reported:

  • 25% of Canadians gave themselves an “A”
  • Nearly 60% gave themselves a “B”
  • 13% gave themselves a “C”
  • Only 2% gave themselves an “F”

Are you looking to improve your environmental-friendliness grade? One easy way is to donate or volunteer with an environmental organization such as the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. Since 1990, TD FEF has provided more than $50 million in support of over 18,000 environmental grassroots projects across Canada. TD FEF’s 94 chapters provide funding to local environmental projects and work with people who want to protect and preserve the environment in their own backyard.

For further information on how to get involved in your community, visit