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Press Kits - The 2010 TD Canada Trust Women and Home Ownership Poll

Media Room

TD Canada Trust Women and Home Ownership Alberta Regional Fact Sheet

The top answers from women in Alberta about what they liked best about home ownership were:

  • Not paying rent or paying other people (48% vs. 38% nationally)
  • Investing in their future, building equity and financial security (44%, same as national statistic)
  • Being a homeowner and having a place of their own (40% vs. 34% nationally)
  • Being able to do what they want in terms of decorating/renovating (36% vs. 34% nationally)
  • Women in Alberta were most likely in the country to say they liked the sense of pride in homeownership. (34% vs. 22% nationally)

When asked what they liked least about home ownership, women in Alberta answered:

  • The cost of maintenance and repairs (48% vs. 40% nationally)
  • More expenses and financial responsibilities (30% vs. 29% nationally)
  • Mortgage payments, interest and rates (28% vs. 23% nationally)
  • Performing maintenance and repairs (28% vs. 37% nationally)
  • More work and housework (yard work, snow removal) (26% vs. 27% nationally)

The top three things women in Alberta wished they would have known more about when purchasing their homes were:

  • The fees and costs related to buying a property and getting a mortgage (46% vs. 40% nationally)
  • Their mortgage options (28% vs. 30% nationally)
  • The expected annual expense of maintaining a property (24% vs. 32% nationally)

About the TD Canada Trust Women and Home Ownership Poll

The TD Canada Trust Women and Home Ownership Poll surveyed women 18 years of age and older from across the country, to explore home ownership behaviour among women. The survey was conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion with English and French speaking Canadians using the Angus Reid Forum. The sample size includes 1,000 women who have purchased a home independently. The answers from 361 women aged 20 to 45 were used to compare to the 2008 poll which surveyed this age group exclusively; 50 of these respondents were from Alberta.