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TD First Class Travel Infinite Visa Card Survey
Ontario Fact Sheet

  • 76% of Ontarians have a travel bucket list (vs. 74% nationally).
  • 80% of Ontarians say they would travel more if they could afford to (vs. 83% nationally). However, less than half (48%) of those who are members of travel rewards programs have redeemed rewards points for flights over the last 12 months (vs. 42% nationally).
  • Topping the list of places Ontarians would like to visit in their lifetime are:
    -The United States (38%)
    -Western Europe other than the United Kingdom and France (27%)
    -France (20%)
  • Ontarians are the most likely to travel outside of the country on their next trip, with less than half saying they expect to stay in Canada (43% vs. 51% nationally)
  • Ontarians are among the most likely to say they would travel more if their spouse or partner enjoyed it as much as they did (25%, vs. 23% nationally).
  • Although 76% of Ontarians say they love to travel and are looking forward to their next trip, 43% prefer to spend their money on things other than travel.
  • Ontarians are among the least likely, overall, to do research before traveling (70% vs. 72% nationally).

About the TD First Class Travel Infinite Visa Card poll
The TD First Class Travel Infinite Visa Card poll examined Canadian travel habits and behaviours. Results were collected through the Research House national omnibus study. A total of 1,001 completed surveys were collected with adults aged 18+, including 250 in Ontario. Interviews were conducted by telephone between August 1-11, 2010.

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