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TD Helps Fact Sheet


The TD Helps program was conceived of in late 2008 during the height of the economic downturn to reach out to customers and let them know that we would stand by them in good and bad times. We set up a dedicated team to help people in hardship manage their debt and, in some cases, keep their homes, by providing mortgage restructuring, allowing customers to defer mortgage payments, moving customers to lower cost products, consolidating their debt and providing general financial advice. These solutions provided much needed breathing space to take the stress off of customers and help them get back on their feet.


Employees were the greatest champions of the program from the beginning. A large component of the program was training our employees for all aspects of the program – how to detect a deteriorating financial situation, help for difficult conversations with customers, and also guidance for our options and solutions. The training program was rolled out across the country and involved thousands of front-line employees at branches and call centres.

Going Public

To help us reach out to more people, we launched on July 22nd 2009. On the site we featured our employees talking about real situations where they were able to help customers facing financial difficulty and we asked customers to call or visit a branch if they recognized their own situation in any of the videos. We engaged with customers on the site and ensured that the ones that needed more help were contacted by a TD Representative.

  • Since February 2009 we’ve assisted more than 30,000 customers through this initiative
  • Employees have shared over 1,000 stories over the intranet about how they were able to help customers in hardship
  • More than 160,000 people visited our TD Helps site

Expanding our reach

Given the success of our TD Helps program with both employees and customers, and an imminent economic recovery, the program is expanding to include help for people experiencing an unexpected life event. We recognize that job loss, illness, or other life events can impact customers’ finances unexpectedly – and quickly. At its core, the program is still about helping our customers and standing by them in tough times.

What’s next?

The next phase of TD Helps debuts in March 2010. The new site will contain more employee videos, a cash flow tool and short videos that provide tips for managing money and dealing with life events that affect your financial wellbeing.