Investor Knowledge
May 17 2023

TDGIS Presents: Why China? Why now?

20 min listen

Naoum Tabet, Managing Director, Lead of the Institutional Client Portfolio Management Team; Karen Ko, Vice President & Director, TDAM

As geopolitical relationships continue to evolve, a nuanced understanding of headline risks and growth drivers is critical for those interested in the Chinese market. The recent shift in focus to competition over conflict, particularly between the United States and China, presents new opportunities and considerations for investing in China. With rising income and GDP per capita, and over 240 million college-educated citizens, China's market is poised to continue its growth trajectory with an increasing focus on quality over volume. 

Highlights include:

  • What are some geopolitical challenges China is currently facing? (0:44)
  • How could China's declining population growth affect its market? (4:20)
  • Are Chinese enterprises facing any major headwinds or recessionary risks? (7:15)
  • What is the state of inflation and monetary policy in China? (9:19)
  • What are your thoughts on Chinese stock valuations? (10:42)