Our Differences Unite Us

Diversity and inclusion at TD
Diversity and inclusion at TD
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Upcoming Pride Events

June 24 – July 3

Toronto Pride Festival 2016

Toronto, Ontario

July 31

Vancouver Pride Festival 2016

Vancouver, British Columbia

August 8 – 14

Montreal Pride Festival 2016

Montreal, Quebec

Leading advocacy programs

Reflecting our community

We want our customers to feel comfortable doing business with us, and that they see themselves reflected in our staff, in our ads and in our services. This extends beyond our branches, as we enthusiastically support and participate in 42 Pride festivals across Canada and the U.S.

Championing diversity

The LGBTA Report

Diversity and inclusion is a way of life, where people can bring their whole selves to work – and, ultimately, be more productive. The large number of people who have come out at work, sometimes before telling their families, has been a true mark of our progress.

Report Preview

Learn more about the commitment TD has
made to build a diverse and inclusive culture.

Read the LGBTA Report

Apply for funding

TD welcomes new applications for community funding. Discover how you can apply for a grant, donation, or sponsorship for your organization.

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Let’s make a difference together

People participating in Pride festivities

Our dedication to supporting our LGBTA communities gets us involved with many inspiring organizations. TD is helping advance anti-bullying and anti-discrimination campaigns alongside the innovative initiative, The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual ‎Diversity in Canada. TD also provides funding to the Ali Forney Center, which promotes awareness of the struggles of homeless LGBTA youth in the U.S.

Join us at the many Pride events across North America and help us celebrate the beauty of diversity!

Youth Homelessness in Canada

There are an increasing number of young homeless people in Canada. For the 29.5%* of homeless youth that identify as LGBTQ who do not feel safe in their own home because of who they are, they as a result become homeless because of who they love. TD is working with a number of organizations to generate awareness, as well as funding programs that are working to help LGBTQ youth in Canada. To learn how you can help, click any of the links to our partner organizations below:

TD Aeroplan Credit Cards

Learn More in the LGBTQ2S Youth Homelessness in Canada Infographic