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Privacy and Security

Guard your cards, cheques and ID

  • Carry only the identification and credit cards you need when travelling. Minimize the identification information and number of cards you carry.
  • Don’t carry your SIN card; leave it in a secure place.
  • Your bank card is the key to your account(s). It is for your personal use only. Keep your card in a safe place and never lend it to anyone.
  • Do not carry your cards in your chequebook.
  • Never leave your bank cards, credit cards, cheques or identification unattended at work or in your car. These places are not secure.
  • If your chequebook is lost or stolen, immediately call your bank and inform them of the missing cheque numbers.
  • Sign your credit cards in permanent ink as soon as you receive them.
  • Make a list of all your cards and their numbers and store this list securely. Credit card numbers can be used to conduct transactions without the card present.
  • When making a purchase, keep your card in view at all times; ensure you take your card back as soon as a transaction swipe has been completed.
  • Do not sign a blank cheque or charge slip.