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Fixed Income Solutions

Experienced Investment Team

A key driver of our ability to outperform is the individual and collective investment acumen of our portfolio managers.

Independent credit research

Our team of seasoned credit research analysts produces proprietary research and develops our internal credit ratings.

Risk management focus

Our risk management culture increases personal accountability and maintains the integrity of our processes.

Glenn S. Davis, CFA

Managing Director, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.

Lead Portfolio Manager for U.S. Fixed Income unified managed accounts (UMAs), separately managed accounts (SMAs) and institutional strategies.

"First and foremost, the team's focus is to help our clients achieve their long-term goals. Using our highly disciplined investment process, we deliver client-focused solutions."

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We have the expertise, tools and resources to build customized segregated solutions designed to meet specific client needs. We offer solutions that span the maturity spectrum including Core, Government, and Corporate bonds.

Active Fixed Income

We believe that a highly disciplined portfolio construction methodology is the most predictable way to generate competitive risk-adjusted returns. We find value along the yield curve and strategically position our portfolios to take advantage of opportunities and manage risk.

Institutional literature

Advisor literature

Guiding Principles

  • Extensive independent credit research
    Internal rating, visibility horizon and security selection
  • Sound yield and credit curve analysis
    Duration management and yield curve positioning
  • Strategic portfolio construction
    Sector allocation and term structure

Liquidity Management

Many organizations have realized the importance of cash segmentation. Forecasting your liquidity needs and segmenting your cash will help identify cash that can be actively managed to provide additional yield.

Institutional literature

Segmenting your cash

  • Operating
    Short-term use only (daily)
  • Strategic
    No short-term use requirements (>12 months)
  • Core/Reserve
    Minimal short-term use requirements (6-12 months)
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