TDAM Talks Podcast: After the Lift Off - Investing Through Inflation

Published: 25/04/2022

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On a new TDAM Talks podcast, Ingrid Macintosh, VP, TD Wealth and Head of Sales Enablement, Content Marketing & Communications, Data Analytics and Digital Strategy, TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), welcomes special guest Robert Pemberton, Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income, TDAM.

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Together, they discuss the transitory pace of inflation and rising rates, the impact of government spending, and the outlook for fixed income opportunities. They also share the perspectives of the TD Wealth Asset Allocation Committee (WAAC) and how their insights add value for investors in the current environment.

Highlights include:

  • What is the outlook on global economic growth?(0:37)
  • Amid a new hike cycle, what factors could drive central banks to increase rates even higher? (2:35) 
  • What can we expect for short-term and long-term inflation? (6:00)
  • What tools are you using to support client portfolios? (10:41)
  • How can we generate income for investors?(11:52)
  • From a WAAC perspective, how are we thinking about portfolios more broadly and what does this mean for portfolio construction? (13:35)
  • Robert, any guidance for those concerned about the market landscape? (17:32)

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