TDAM Talks Podcast: Equities in 2023 - The Best & Worst of Times

Published: Aug 14, 2023

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Investment excellence is at the core of TD Asset Management Inc.'s (TDAM) philosophy, and integrating Greystone Managed Investments Inc. in 2019 added to the existing capabilities of our large-scale fundamental equities team. While 2023 has seen a challenging backdrop for equities, TDAM continues to evolve and deliver best in class solutions.

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In this episode of the TDAM Talks Podcast, Ingrid Macintosh, VP Wealth, Head of Global Sales Enablement, Marketing and Digital Strategy, TDAM, welcomes guests Justin Flowerday, Managing Director, Head of Fundamental Equities, TDAM, Vitali Mossounov, Vice President & Director, Co-Lead of Research, Fundamental Equities, TDAM, and Michael Brown, Vice President & Director, TDAM. Together, they discuss recent updates to TDAM's equities team, the health of equity markets and end things off with a spontaneous lightning round.

Highlights include:

  • Focus on recent updates within TDAM's equities team (1:30)
  • What do equity markets have in store for the rest of 2023? (6:15)
  • How does Artificial Intelligence fit into broader investment themes? (9:25)
  • What effects will a monetary policy loosening have in the current market? (12:00)
  • Lightning round: China's reopening, technology, global financials (14:10)

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