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Our solutions feature our commitment to quality, and the current market environment may present an opportunity for investors to benefit from our approach and focus.
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TD Global Equity Focused Fund

The TD Global Equity Focused Fund looks to help investors achieve their goals by exploiting the market’s skepticism of future free cash flows, and by investing in diversified high-quality equities, allowing time and compounding to deliver long-term outperformance.

Why TD Global Equity Focused Fund?

  • Flexibility: Provides global equity exposure with the flexibility to dynamically shift the geographic mix.
  • Fundamental Diversification: Comprehensive portfolio construction process factoring in underlying portfolio cash flows, leading to balanced allocation and lower risk factors.
  • Downside Protection: A Portfolio of high-quality businesses whose compound earnings and cash flows are expected to outperform with less volatility.
  • Flexible Tool Kit: Active currency hedging and option overlay program offers the flexibility to help tactically reduce risk and enhance income through volatile times.

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TD Fixed Income Pool

Get your money working and potentially take advantage of rising yields and capital gains.

Why TD Fixed Income Pool?

  • One simple, diversified solution: Offers a fund of fund experience making it easy to access a suite of TDAM’s fixed income investment strategies
  • Two layers of active management:
    • Active management and asset allocation decisions utilize the expertise of multiple investment management teams at TDAM, with the goal of delivering value, enhancing yield and diversifying risk
    • The fund can tactically adjust credit and interest rate exposures with the aim of adapting to current and expected market conditions, potentially minimizing risk and helping to deliver long term performance
  • Unique core and satellite approach: Comprised of core holdings that anchor the fund and deliver stability, with satellite components that can provide flexibility to alter portfolio characteristics and navigate the investment environment to help take advantage of market opportunities

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TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund

Having recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, the TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund has provided investors with a history of outperformance . Not your average balanced portfolio, the fund offers a quality income-focused mandate that is primed to take advantage of the current market landscape and reduce risk through its tactical asset allocation capabilities.

Why TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund?

  • Comprehensive solution: Designed with flexibility in mind to manage different market environments and provide long-term upside
  • Advanced diversification: In addition to a traditional sector approach, the fund’s risk is further diversified by identifying underlying sources of cash flows in portfolio holdings
  • Tactical asset mix: Balanced asset mix with the ability to tactically shift exposure between equities and fixed income
  • North American focus: North American equity exposure with the flexibility to tactically adjust the geographic mix between Canada and the U.S.

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