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At TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), we have a highly experienced asset allocation team dedicated to the management of our fund-of-fund or managed programs. Investors can focus on their long-term financial goals and invest knowing that our asset allocation team is working behind the scenes to help provide a positive investor experience.

Key solutions managed by the TDAM Asset Allocation Team include:

High Yield Bonds

A high yield bond is a higher interest paying bond with a lower credit rating than investment-grade alternatives. The higher income reflects the higher credit risk investors accept. When viewed from a total portfolio perspective, in a prolonged low-rate environment, investors may want to consider high yield bonds over investment-grade bonds or equity alternatives with a view to generating higher long-term returns.

The TD High Yield Bond Fund provides a way for investors to gain exposure to a professionally-managed diverse portfolio of high yield bonds with the potential for less risk than investing in single issuers of high yield bonds.

Other mandates that include managed exposure to high yield fixed income through:

US Equities

Investors who diversify some of their investments outside of Canada may have access to sectors with potentially greater growth opportunities than one may think. This is particularly true in the U.S. where increasing corporate cash flows, an improving housing environment and equity markets near record highs, all point to a growing economy. By investing in the U.S., investors can tap into its highly diversified and developed investment market - giving them access to growth opportunities that may not be as widely available in Canada.

TDAM offers an extensive line-up of funds with exposure to U.S. equities in order to help meet your investment needs. A few funds with a U.S. focus include:
  • TD U.S. Monthly Income Fund
  • TD U.S. Risk Managed Equity Fund
  • TD U.S. Low Volatility Fund
  • TD North American Dividend Fund
  • Epoch U.S. Shareholder Yield Fund
  • TD U.S. Blue Chip Equity Fund
  • Epoch U.S. Large-Cap Value Fund
  • TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth Fund
  • TD U.S. Small-Cap Equity Fund

More information about individual funds can be found under the US Equity section.
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