From the Desk Of: The Quantitative Equities Team

TD Q U.S. Small-Mid-Cap Equity ETF aims to provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of small- and mid-cap U.S. companies by using a quantitative multi-factor approach, which seeks to optimize exposure to stocks that are expected to outperform the market by emphasizing style factors.

TD Active U.S. Enhanced Dividend ETF - Special Report

Unlike some systemic covered call strategies that pay high distribution yields at the expense of growth, TD Active U.S. Enhanced Dividend ETF (TUED) is designed with a focus on total return, actively investing in quality companies and employing options to help generate income while maintaining exposure to the growth potential of stocks.

The TD Q Advantage Brochure

The TD Q Team at TDAM actively manages the TD Q Exchange-Traded Funds by combining the science of quantitative investment with the deep expertise of a broad portfolio management team.
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