TDAM Talks Podcast: Beyond Fixed Income and Equities - Navigating the Market Inflection

Published: May 4, 2023

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In this new episode of the TDAM Talks podcast, Ingrid Macintosh, VP Wealth, Head of Global Sales Enablement, Marketing and Digital Strategy, welcomes special guests Jing Roy, Senior Portfolio Manager, TDAM, and Jimmy Xu, Senior Portfolio Manager, TDAM to discuss asset allocation in the current market environment, and provide their perspectives and outlook on the year ahead.

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At TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), asset allocation draws on the strength of our investment professionals to build disciplined and diversified portfolios that aim to exceed clients' needs in all kinds of market conditions. With an established track record across a broad range of asset classes diversified by sector, regional and investment styles, TDAM portfolios benefit from the research, tools and insights from our deep and experienced Asset Allocation & Derivatives Team.

As we approach the end of the tightening cycle, asset allocation within portfolios may start to look different as bonds and equities encounter various market-based head- and tailwinds. So how do our Asset Allocation professionals sift through the noise?

Highlights include:

  • What is the view of the Asset Allocation Team regarding rate hikes and the tightening cycle? (3:16)
  • Current perspectives on fixed income and equities (5:01)
  • How do you stay nimble given the current capital market landscape? (8:51)
  • Lightning round: GICs, Canadian home prices and gold (12:21)

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