Investment Insights
March 24 2020

TDAM Talks Institutional Podcast: Global Real Estate

25 min listen

Moderator: Mark Cestnik, CFA, Managing Director, TD Asset Management; Speaker: Colin Lynch, Managing Director and Head of Global Real Estate Investments, TD Asset Management

We invite you to listen to the TDAM Talks Institutional Podcast as our host Mark Cestnik sits down with Colin Lynch, Vice President & Director, Global Real Estate Investments at TDAM

  • Why clients should invest in global real estate? (1:00)
  • How should institutional investors consider investing in global real estate (5:30)
  • What does machine learning bring to the table? (9:40)
  • What are some of the core principals driving the construction of the Global Real Estate portfolio? (8:00)
  • Describe the research process that the global real estate team has built (14:00)