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March 25 2022

TDAM Talks Podcast: Instability Breeds Stability: Global Growth in a World of Conflicts

20 min listen

Ingrid Macintosh, Vice President, TD Asset Management; Michael Craig, Managing Director and Head of the Asset Allocation & Derivatives Team, TD Asset Management

Whether it's the global pandemic, the tragic invasion of Ukraine by Russia, or a new rate hike cycle, the first few months of 2022 have been challenging for markets and investors.

On a new TDAM Talks podcast, Ingrid Macintosh, VP, TD Wealth and Head of Sales Enablement, Communications and Digital Strategy, TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), welcomes Michael Craig, Managing Director and Head of the Asset Allocation & Derivatives Team, TDAM. Together they discuss the current state of investment markets, what's on the horizon, and how the conflict in Ukraine – beyond the human toll – may affect global growth.

Highlights include:

  • Whether it be the pace of rising rates or the geo-political conflict in Europe, what is keeping Michael Craig up at night? (0:50)
  • What are your expectations for equity market returns this year, given the strong sector rotations we are seeing? (4:25)
  • Despite the ongoing volatility, how are money managers protecting portfolios while also finding ways to reward investors by building growth? (5:55)
  • What does the commodities landscape look like, how are these leveraged in our portfolios, and where are we with the fossil fuel transition within energy? (8:55)
  • "We're on top of this" - what is TDAM's message to investors? (13:30)

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