Custom Asset Allocation

Strategic asset allocation, liquidity optimization and fund selection

We work with you to determine the most appropriate asset class mix.

Key Features

  • Select underlying strategies from broad investment capabilities to optimize factor risk
  • Use analysis to determine if alternative investments are appropriate
  • Ongoing client reviews to adapt strategic mixes as needs evolve
  • Structure solutions under either static or dynamic asset mixes

Tactical asset allocation and holistic risk management

Leveraging the insights of the entire TDAM investment team, we tactically manage all the components within asset allocation mandates.

Key Features

  • Potential value add through overweighting attractive asset classes
  • Custom portfolios are monitored daily for drift, desired tactical mix and optimized rebalancing
  • Active asset mix risk can be scaled based on market conditions

Integration of private market investments

We believe that stable, income-generating alternative investments are necessary to achieve required returns in low-interest rate environments.

Key Features

  • Alternative investments provide good diversification from equities and bonds
  • Extensive experience integrating alternatives into multi-asset solutions
  • We help ease the administrative burden on clients by integrating liquidity management of alternatives into discretionary mandates
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