Why TDAM for Equities

Consistency of approach

We collaborate with independent equity research teams to develop a comprehensive perspective on risk and reward.

Disciplined risk management

Our large risk management team is separated from investment functions which helps safeguard client assets.

Client-centric focus

The size of our operations creates efficiencies and those benefits are incorporated into client objectives.

A wide spectrum of equity capabilities


Tilting the balance of risk and reward further in your favour, we offer core and income & growth solutions.


Active factor-investing strategies, including Low Volatility, designed to deliver the highest risk-adjusted returns available.

Derivatives-Based Solutions

Benefiting from a sophisticated derivatives-based risk management strategy, we offer Risk Managed Equity.


Achieve benchmark characteristics and returns.

"We believe in owning high quality companies with solid balance sheets and strong financial performance. This focus on quality is what helps our clients confidently pursue their goals for growth."
Managing Director, Head of Public Equities

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