SVP & Chief Investment Officer
Managing Director, Head of Bus Gov/Port Oversight
Managing Director, Head of Product & Strategy
Head of Global Institutional Distribution
Managing Director, Head of Regulatory & Policy Gov
VP, Head of Global Sales Enablement and Marketing
Head of Retail Distribution
VP, Head of Global Operations & Marketing

Wealth Asset Allocation Committee

The Committee is made up of a diversified group of industry experts from across TD Wealth Management with over 160 years of combined industry experience. Together the committee members cover all of the major asset classes and considerations including Canadian equities, foreign equities, fixed income and currency. Using all of this industry experience and expertise the committee strives to deliver a clear, concise and insightful quarterly market outlook.

Council Voting Members


Our Leadership

David Sykes, CFA

Chief Investment Officer, Head of Investments, TDAM

Asset Allocation

Our Leadership

Michael Craig, CFA

Managing Director, Head of Asset Allocation & Derivatives Team, TDAM
Our Leadership

Anna Castro

Managing Director, TDAM


Our Leadership

Justin Flowerday, CFA

Managing Director, Head of Research, Fundamental Equities, TDAM
Our Leadership

Jennifer Nowski, CFA

Vice President & Director, TDAM

Fixed Income

Our Leadership

Michael Augustine, CFA, FCIA, FSA

Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income & Asset Liability Management, TDAM
Our Leadership

Alexandra Gorewicz, CIM

Vice President & Director, TDAM


Our Leadership

Jeff Tripp, CFA

Managing Director, Head of Alternative Investments, TDAM
Our Leadership

Colin Lynch

Managing Director, Head of Global Real Estate Investments, TDAM


Our Leadership

Kevin Hebner, PhD

Managing Director, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.
Our Leadership

William Booth, CFA

Managing Director, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.

Council Non-Voting Members

Our Leadership

Brad Simpson

Chief Wealth Strategist, TD Wealth
Our Leadership

Sid Vaidya

U.S. Wealth Investment Strategist, TD Wealth
Our Leadership

Bryan Lee

Vice President & Director, Lead of the Retail Client Portfolio Management Team, TDAM
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