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May 16 2024

The 21st Annual Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series

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This spring, TD Global Investment Solutions (TDGIS) travelled to eight cities across Canada for the 21st annual Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series. This in-person regional event featured institutional leaders from TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. (TD Epoch) sharing thought provoking insights and the latest industry trends.

This year's topics focused on two key areas: what AI developments will mean for investors and how to structure private infrastructure deals. To view the speakers and learn more about the Sharing of Knowledge and Learning Series presentations, see below.  


AI is the New Macro: Implications for Investors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will reshape the next decade as a key investment theme, offering both challenges and opportunities for investors. This presentation provided insights into the labour and productivity transformations AI is expected to bring, the implications for markets, and strategies for making investment decisions in the ever-evolving digital economy.




Kevin Hebner, PhDManaging Director, Global Portfolio Management,TD Epoch


The Road Ahead: Sourcing and Structuring Infrastructure in a Competitive Market

This presentation highlighted the resilience and importance of private real assets like infrastructure, emphasizing their role in providing diversification and stable returns. Valuable insights for navigating the competitive private infrastructure market were discussed, as well as strategies for uncovering unique deals, structuring transactions, and maximizing opportunities in the current investment landscape.


Carl Elia, CFA,
Vice President&Director,

Scott Henshaw, CFA,
Vice President & Director,

Chi-Wei Danny Hong, CPA, CA,
Vice President,


Special Guest Speakers

In Montréal, we had the pleasure of hearing from guest, John Parisella, as he discussed Beyond Borders: Examining U.S.-Canada Relations Amidst the 2024 Presidential Race.

John was also joined by Naoum Tabet and Pierre Wehbi for a special panel discussion.  


John Parisella
Special Advisor, Strategy and Outreach at NATIONAL Public Relations and Visiting Professor at the CÉRIUM of the University of Montréal

Naoum Tabet
Managing Director, Lead of the Institutional Client Portfolio Management Team, TDAM

Pierre Wehbi, CFA, ASA
Vice President & Director, Client Relationship Manager, Institutional Distribution, TDGIS, TDAM


Please refer to the event synopsis for a full recap of the insights shared.

For more information about this year's Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series, please contact your TDGIS Relationship Manager.


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