Celebrating our differences

We're on a journey. To learn about where we've been. Recognize where we are. And push harder for where we need to be.

Come as you are

There are so many aspects to who we are, from the people we love to the languages we speak.

Learning what sets us apart, and understanding what connects us all, helps us build a world for everyone. Where we respect each other. Care for each other. And celebrate all the wonderful ways of living this life, together.

Moving forward together

As we work to support and include people of all backgrounds, there's always more that needs to be done—and we love doing it. Take a look at where we've started. It's a foundation we'll build on as we move forward.

  • Amplifying Black voices, tackling anti-Blackness and celebrating Black excellence—at work and in the world.

  • We're proud of our friends, family members and colleagues—and support them in living proud.

  • Making sure everyone has the tools to succeed in an accessible and inclusive space.

  • We honor the commitment of our Veterans—and build on our commitment to them.

  • Forging a path forward with women of all backgrounds, at every stage of their careers.

  • Celebrate all cultures, empower all people—and together, we'll make a world of difference.

Creating a space to thrive

Our differences make us who we are—and make us a great place to work.

Support in the workplace and beyond