Committed to the Success of Diverse Owned Businesses 

Diverse owned businesses face unique challenges. At TD, we recognize the importance of representation in the business community and are committed to helping diverse and minority owned businesses excel. When the communities around us thrive, we all move forward, together.

We all deserve to thrive

 "At TD, advancing diversity and inclusion within the financial industry, and our communities, is fundamental to our purpose and culture of care. We believe that equal access to financial opportunities and resources is key to driving transformative change. And we are committed to continuing to provide our customers, colleagues, and communities with the tools they need to thrive financially and to doing our part in building a more inclusive and equitable society."

Jo Jagadish, Head of Digital and Commercial Bank Products and Services

Our commitment in action

The drive for positive change doesn't stop. We're here 365 days a year to support you and your business needs. Explore the ways TD Bank supports your community and provides the tools you need:

  • "I have been blown away by TD's commitment to my business success. The relationship nurturing at TD isn't just transactional. It's been there for the long-haul." – Customer Scott Mason

  • The people are what make TD unique. Learn how Community Business Development Officer Marcus Gonzales', passion for his community shows in his commitment to his Customers

  • TD Bank is serious about supporting minority owned businesses – and we've pledged to do just that in a major way

Moving minority owned businesses forward

Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx, and all people of color - we want you to bring your true self to your business. TD can provide the tools and connections to help your business thrive.

  • Supporting entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are a key component in our support of the minority owned business community. Check out some of the ways we're supporting the community

  • A trusted voice

    El Mundo Boston is a leading Latino multimedia company in New England. As their business has grown, TD has provided services while learning from them about the needs of the Hispanic communities

  • Strengthening our communities

    TD works with organizations like the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation to help build and educate multi-ethnic, residential business communities so we all thrive together

  • Embracing experiences

    Minority experiences, in all their diversity, are at the heart of our drive for positive, sustainable change. We're always listening, learning — and taking action

Leverage our connections

Our Community Business Development Officers are ready to connect you to important resources to help your business thrive. TD uses our strong relationships with organizations like Black Founders, National Minority Supplier Development Council, Prospera and the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to provide additional support for our Customers

"Let me tell you how amazing Natalie (TD Bank Store Manager-Harlem) is. She had a great opportunity where a big box store closed and left all of their furniture. She was able to make the connection. We were able to get all these tables and chairs. We had to have two moving trucks to get it all. Natalie helped us save thousands of dollars, like that was awesome! That helped us tremendously. And she's just been our partner, like our third partner in a sense."

Janine Smalls-Gueye and Lanise Herman-Thomas, co-founders of Veganhood

Celebrating Pride, and progress, all year long

  • Forever proud, forever progressing

    We're proud to support the LGBTQ2+ community – including initiatives for health, housing and financial security 365 days a year. Because at TD, our drive for positive change never stops

  • Business without barriers

    At TD, we understand the unique needs and challenges of the LGBTQ2+ community. As members and allies, we are committed to connecting you with services to help you reach your business goals

  • 'Own It!' Incubator Program

    "Own It" provides education, insight, connections and resources understanding the importance of a business owner's identity and its influence on enterprise

  • Community is key

    LesbiVeggies serves everyone and provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and people of color. They are proud to work with a bank that provides a sense of support and community

Leverage our connections

Our Community Business Development Officers are ready to connect you to important resources to help your business thrive. TD uses strong relationships with organizations like The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the Own It Incubator Program to provide additional support for our Customers

"As I’ve worked to pass more than twenty LGBTQ2+ inclusive laws and policies in more than a dozen states across America, I regularly encourage business owners to take advantage of not just LGBTBE certification from the NGLCC, but also the unique suite of services offered specifically for our communities from TD Bank. Knowing your business is being supported by those with the personal passions and understanding of what our communities need is such a valuable differentiator in the marketplace.”

Jonathan Lovitz, LGBTQ2+ Business Advocate and TD Bank Pride Thought Leader

Empowering women owned businesses

  • Be unapologetically ambitious

    Confidently building your business takes sound advice, plus guidance to the right connections, tools and resources.  TD supports female entrepreneurs pushing themselves and their communities forward

  • Women Business Enterprise Certification

    As Rachel grew her woman-owned chocolate company, she leaned on TD for solutions for her business including education on certifications that would give her business an edge

Leverage our connections

Our Community Business Development Officers are ready to connect you to important resources to help your business thrive. TD uses strong relationships with organizations like Women's Business Entrepreneurial Council and the National Association of Women Business Owners to provide additional support for our Customers

"The TD team I worked with was extremely instrumental in helping not only acquire the different practices but in the real estate as well. It will not go exactly as you plan. However, with a trusted team behind you, it will be doable. Personally, to me, that relationship means everything. You are valued, you are supported, and you have an organization behind you that wants you to succeed. 42% of women business owners is still not enough, because women make it happen."

Dr. Vivian Graham, Owner of Modern Micro Endodontics

Championing our service members

  • Honoring Veterans

    You served our country, now let us serve you. We're here to support your business goals and dreams

  • The value of strong partnership

    Veteran-owned business the Travis Mills Foundation offers veterans and their families life changing experiences. TD works with them to ensure they are financially set up to provide their services long term

  • Connecting communities

    TD provides more than financial services to veteran-owned businesses like Warrior Canine Connection. Our community presence introduces people to the organization to help bridge the military-civilian divide

Leverage our connections

Our Community Business Development Officers are ready to connect you to important resources to help your business thrive. TD uses strong relationships with organizations like Veterans Affairs and National Veteran Owned Business Association to provide additional support for our Customers

“Traditionally, financial institutions have segmented their markets by products, from mortgage bankers to business bankers. Now, we’re taking a community-based approach, which allows us to better identify Customer needs, connect to them more authentically and help them become more successful business owners as a result.”

Steve Garibell, Vice President Community Business Development Strategy

Access to support – all year long

  • Small Business Resource Center

    Whether you're starting a new business, growing your existing business, or thinking about selling—get the resources, tools and support you need

  • Supporting your community & more

    At TD Bank, we want to open doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow. From financial security to equitable healthcare – we're committed to being there for those who need it most

  • Why you should consider a CDFI

    We're proud of our support for and relationships with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that play a vital role in bringing resources to distressed or underserved communities

Moving forward together

We have a team of dedicated advisors, who specialize in diverse owned business needs. Rooted in the communities they serve; these advisors have a deep knowledge of the challenges you face and the resources you need.

  1. Applying for grants

  2. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund Program

  3. Diverse Business Certifications

  1. Securing funding

  2. Financial Literacy Education

  3. Identifying resources

Unexpectedly Human

“We see ourselves as much more than just bankers. We’re a source of trusted advice for businesses that urgently need a voice and an advocate. TD believes that, by allowing customers to be their true selves, they can become stronger business owners, build more successful companies and provide economic benefits to the larger economy."

Steve Garibell, Vice President Community Business Development Strategy

Celebrating our differences

Creating a space to thrive 

We strive to create a working environment that is supportive of all of our people.

Connect with a dedicated team

Our Business Development Officers are here to help you discover and achieve what truly matters to you

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