Celebrating LGBTQ2+

We love when love wins—and when everyone can be who they are.

Forever proud, forever progressing

Pride doesn't stop in June, and neither does our commitment to the LGBTQ2+ community.

We're helping to make progress by supporting organizations that provide expanded health and wellness services, provide safe spaces, fight against financial inequality and amplify voices.

Our drive for positive change lasts all year. And beyond.

Showing up and showing pride

Enhancing health care, providing safe spaces

Pride Link, a TD Ready Commitment recipient, plans to use their grant funds to improve and expand their health and wellness services. Learn more about how they are providing culturally sensitive health care in safe spaces for the LGBTQ2+ community in South Carolina.

Amplifying voices—Pride month and beyond

Rivendell Media is the largest ad sales representative for LGBTQ2+ publications in the U.S. and Canada. They work hard to connect advertisers with LGBTQ2+ media outlets so these publications can grow and thrive. Learn more about how we're supporting Rivendell in their mission to drive change.

Colleague spotlight: Shiloh's journey

Shiloh Jimenez bravely embraces their evolving identity. Read more about Shiloh's inspiring journey of breaking down barriers to release the spirit of who they truly are.

Creating a space to thrive

We put our all into supporting our colleagues' careers—and it shows.

Support in the workplace and beyond