Honoring Veterans

We honor the enormous sacrifices of our service members—and show our gratitude by welcoming, supporting and celebrating them in our communities.

Supporting Veterans on the home front

Supporting Veterans means giving them the homecoming they deserve. From recruiting and mentoring Veterans in their careers to contributing to the non-profits that uplift and inspire them, we’re proud to show our support in the workplace—and in our communities, too.

Championing our service members

  • Anna Kelley strives for integrity, service and excellence above all else. These values come from her time in the Air Force and carry over into her civilian life, helping her excel and inspire as a dedicated TD colleague.

  • If there's one thing our colleague Malaika Townes learned during her 12 years in the U.S. Army Reserves, it's how to push forward as a leader by pulling others up. Now a co-chair of our Veteran Business Resource Group, Malaika mentors colleagues across the bank, teaching them to use their challenges as advantages.

  • Natalie A. Lawrence defines bravery in everything she does. The Veteran, survivor and daughter of American Samoan parents opens up about her past traumatic experiences so others don't have to go it alone.

Creating a space to thrive

We put our all into supporting our colleagues' careers—and it shows.

Support in the workplace and beyond