TD Ready Challenge

The TD Ready Challenge supports organizations developing innovative solutions for our changing world. Every year, we focus on one or more drivers of the TD Ready Commitment.

How the TD Ready Challenge works

We ask applicants to present their unique approach to addressing a problem and serving their community. This year we're looking for solutions to help disproportionately affected communities address the impacts of climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy.

Be sure to review the eligibility requirements, the application process and common questions.

Meet the 2021 TD Ready Challenge U.S. Recipients

  • Edible Outdoor Eco-Labs to Accelerate Learning – Metro Florida – Awarded $1,000,000

    This outdoor eco-lab initiative targets schools where the majority of students qualify for federal aid and have limited access to fresh, healthy food. The project will expand upon pre-existing sustainable eco-labs focused on science to further incorporate nature, accelerate learning– particularly in math– and foster connections with student peers.

  • Lifting Up Camden's Youth Inside & Outside of the Classroom – Metro Pennsylvania/New Jersey – Awarded $625,000

    This outreach program will focus on providing assistance to low-income Camden city and county students ages 10-19 in their progression to the next grade, including college and career advancements upon high school graduation. LUCY provides support in homework assistance, college and career counseling, workshops and more to address disproportionate learning loss, especially in reading and math.

  • SAYA Elmhurst Center Academic Readiness + Mentoring Initiative – Metro New York – Awarded $425,000

    SAYA’s peer mentorship and academic readiness initiative focuses on youth living in Queens neighborhoods— the epicenter of the pandemic during its height. The team plans to formalize and scale their offerings of peer mentorship in order to increase resilience in students, ensure sustainable academic gains and lessen the learning loss gap.

  • The Codman Academy Tutorial Program – Southern New England – Awarded $325,000

    The Codman Academy Tutorial Program provides support to high-needs students in urban, low-income communities and schools. The academy’s expansion of the program through additional hiring will help the team reach their goal of having all students perform at the required level of their grade and every student meet their core standard.

  • Catalyst Project – Metro Mid-South – Awarded $325,000

    The Arc’s Catalyst Project aims to support students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. This program will provide additional academic support, therapies, work-based learning experiences and other services to recover invaluable learning and experiences for special needs students lost during the pandemic.

  • Project Complete – Northern New England – Awarded $325,000

    Project Complete's work targets the dropout crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased youth workforce participation within Manchester, New Hampshire. Through individual service plans combining elements in career exploration, occupational training and academic instruction among others, the team aims to offer alternative pathways to high school completion for students who suffered from learning loss and disengagement amid the health crisis.

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