TD Automated Investing

Start investing in a strategic portfolio designed and managed by TD Wealth's investment professionals specifically for our TD Automated Investing platform. We use your risk tolerance to recommend one of seven investment portfolios and then automatically monitor and rebalance your account for you. Get started with as little as $5,000.

Features of TD Automated Investing

  • A portfolio based on your risk profile

    An online questionnaire will identify your risk profile. After you fund your account, we’ll go to work for you—automatically building, monitoring and rebalancing your investments.

  • Affordable digital investing

    You'll pay an annual asset-based fee of 0.30% for advisory services.1

Automated investing plus guidance

TD Automated Investing Plus

If you want automated investing with guidance from our team of TD Personal Financial Advisors and access to a financial plan, choose TD Automated Investing Plus.

TD Strategic Portfolios

TD Automated Investing clients get access to TD Strategic Portfolios, which are designed by TD Wealth's financial professionals to match your goals and risk profile. TD Strategic Portfolios provide:

  1. Seven globally diversified2 portfolios of ETFs and/or mutual funds designed to help meet differing risk profiles

  2. Automated monitoring and rebalancing

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Get started with TD Automated Investing

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Customer Relationship Summary ("Form CRS") (PDF)
TDPCW Automated Investing and Automated Investing Plus Form ADV Part 2A (PDF)
FAQs—TD Automated Investing and TD Automated Investing Plus (PDF)

1Minimum account fee of $75/year. More information about fees and expenses is available in the TDPCW Automated Investing and Automated Investing Plus Form ADV Part 2A PDF.

2Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.