Investment Management

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Your dedicated TD Wealth Investment Advisor is committed to customizing strategies to meet your financial needs and objectives. Your investment portfolio is structured based on an in-depth understanding of your goals, tax situation, time horizon and feelings about risk.

As markets ebb and flow, we’ll adjust your investment mix to keep it aligned with your strategy, in an effort to identify opportunities while managing your risk.

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Our investment management team

Gather, grow, safeguard and transfer your assets using our focused, team-based approach. Together, we help you manage the challenges and the opportunities that come with wealth.

Depending on your investment goals and needs, you will have access to:

  • A dedicated Investment Advisor
  • Professional money management
  • Personalized asset allocation and consulting
  • In-house due diligence of money managers, mutual funds and ETFs

The role of your dedicated Investment Advisor:

  • Create your investor profile that reflects your goals, timeline and risk tolerance
  • Develop your personalized asset allocation plan
  • Help you select professional money managers who align with your investment goals and risk tolerance
  • Build a diversified portfolio based on your needs for growth, income, lower volatility or tax efficiency
  • Evaluate and monitor your portfolio and make adjustments based on input from your team

Our investment management process

The Private Client Group is dedicated to working toward superior, risk-adjusted investment returns over the long term. Take advantage of opportunities and manage risk with our team-based approach that:

  1. Manages downside risk through diversified security selection and fully integrated risk management

  2. Diversifies across asset classes, geography, styles and managers

  3. Aligns investment objectives with your wealth plan

  1. Stays focused on working toward a specific return target over a market cycle while managing volatility

  2. Measures success by how we meet your expectations and work toward your personal goals

Our process focuses on you and your success

  • Tailored investment solutions
    You'll receive a customized investment solution that leverages our best thinking and looks beyond short-term returns to manage volatility and risk, with an eye on long-term success
  • Monitoring and reporting
    Your portfolio will be constantly evaluated to make sure it stays aligned with your strategy. We continually screen and rate your fund managers and check in with you frequently so you understand your progress
  • Professional money management
    Private clients with significant portfolios can access the expertise of top internal and external asset managers typically reserved for institutional clients
  • Investment manager vetting
    When outside expertise is needed to build your investment plan, our rigorous process identifies managers who strive to outperform their peers and the market

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