Pay Bills Online With TD Bank Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a free, quick, and convenient way to pay your bills from Online Banking or the TD Bank app. Simple to set up and use, Bill Pay makes it easy to receive and pay your bills, schedule payments, set up reminders and more. Plus, it's safe and secure.

Bill Pay benefits and features

  • Pay any bill, to anyone
    Pay anyone in the U.S., from your rent to your gym membership
  • Easy to set up and use
    Set up bills and make payments quickly and easily. Some bills may be available for next-day payment
  • Receive bills and alerts electronically
    Get electronic bills (eBills) sent directly to Bill Pay from many companies and set up e-mail alerts to notify you when there's a new eBill
  • Safe and secure
    We're committed to providing you a secure online experience. Read more about our Online Security Commitment

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How Bill Pay works and how long it takes

Once you set up the companies you want to pay, you choose the payment dates for your bills. Depending on the company, TD will pay your bill through electronic funds transfer (ACH) or we'll mail a paper check.

  • ACH electronic payments

    • Rush payments may be available
      If the company you're paying can receive electronic funds transfers (ACH) payments, you may be able to issue rush same-day payment for a small fee1 or a next-day payment at no additional cost
    • How to tell if a biller accepts ACH
      Check next available payment date. If it's the next day, you can pay via ACH
    • Pay all your bills in one convenient, scheduled bundle
      ACH makes it easy to schedule payments to multiple companies at the same time
  • Payments by check

    • Set up Bill Pay and we'll do the rest
      For companies that don't accept ACH, we'll send a check to arrive on your scheduled payment date. The money will be withdrawn from your account when the check is cashed
    • Rush payments are not available
      Since paper checks must be generated and mailed, rush payment is not available but you can choose your delivery date. Processing and delivery take a minimum of 5 days (USPS delivery times may vary)

Get the most out of Bill Pay

Whether you're new to Bill Pay or you've used it before, here are a few simple tips:

  1. Double- and triple-check any numbers you enter, especially biller account numbers, addresses and payment amounts

  2. Your funds may be withdrawn up to 2 business days after your payment date (for ACH) or when the check is cashed (for paper check)

  3. To help you avoid overdrafts, you might consider the money withdrawn as soon as you schedule the payment

  4. Once you've enrolled in eBills, you can also set up alerts in Online Banking and the TD Bank app to notify you of new bills

  5. To modify a recurring bill payment series, consider canceling the entire series and creating a new one

Learn more with Bill Pay tutorials

See how convenient and easy Bill Pay is with our interactive digital tutorials for Online Banking or the TD Bank app.

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1Rush Bill Payments may appear on your account statements and account activity as Same Day Payments. A fee applies to all Rush Bill Payments; Beyond Checking accounts will be reimbursed for Rush Bill Payment fees.

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